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Memorial Liturgy for the Miscarried & Stillborn

When families lose a baby in the womb, the cries of birth go unheard; the grasp of tiny fingers slips away. This profound loss needs articulation. Join us in a prayer gathering to commend our children communally into the embrace of our merciful God...

Palliative Care Education Program (Spring 2017)

Palliative Care is the active, compassionate care of a person whose disease is no longer responsive to traditional treatment aimed at cure. The goal of palliative care is to promote quality of life through the control of symptoms, whether they be...

Pastoral Care Course (Spring 2017)

Pastoral Care is the unconditional caring response to the lonely, shut-ins, the sick, and dying to meet their spiritual needs, being respectful of their own religious bliefs and practice. This course will introduce you to the basic visiting skills for...

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