Mission Council Report 2016

Sr. Rita Kim, FMM

Dear Friends in Christ,

Mission Council receives about 30 appeals every year from different parts of the world. Some applicants need very urgent and immediate help. However, because of the lack of funds we can only help a few projects out of the 30 appeals. It’s very difficult to let others down every year, and it breaks my heart.
I hope that many faithful will participate in this mission to help people in need. We chose eight projects last year and I am happy to present some photos of our diocesan missions. We are unable to include photos for one project (Rescuing young girls from human trafficking in Nepal) due to confidentiality.

I take an opportunity to give a sincere thank to all the donors whose generosity made this mission possible.

God bless you,
Sr. Rita Kim FMM

View the mission council report here: http://www.calgarydiocese.ca/resources/mission-council-2016-report.html

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