Message from the Project Rachel Team

Wendy Isaacs

Project Rachel is a ministry of the Diocese of Calgary providing support, guidance and reconciliation to those affected by abortion. We are grateful to those who have sponsored this ministry over the years, including parishes, the Catholic Women's League and the Knights of Columbus councils who have hosted the annual Song for Rachel concert fundraisers.

Many of us in the community contribute directly or indirectly to the circumstances that put women in a position where abortion seems to be the best, or the only choice, they can make in their situation. Those directly involved, the mother, the father, the grandparents, and the siblings of the aborted often have a desire for healing from the trauma that abortion causes. Project Rachel provides help to those who have been affected by an abortion.

The Project Rachel team of speakers, counsellors and volunteers have the blessing and support of Bishop Henry. We are a community that professes to live Christ's message of love, compassion and forgiveness and we are the model to provide this help to the people in need. However, we need you, the members of this community, to help us share the fact that Project Rachel exists.

Schools and church communities have generously allowed us to put brochures in their information racks. However, we need the opportunity to talk to and discuss abortion with the student bodies, and your church congregations. We need to be invited by the Catholic Women's League and Knights of Columbus councils to speak at your meetings. We need more parishes to sponsor the Project Rachel ministry and to host the annual Song for Rachel concert. We need to talk about why abortions occur, and how we, through love, respect, forgiveness and education, can help those who might be considering an abortion make a better choice for their child.

In this papal Jubilee of Mercy it is our hope that you will search your heart and become involved in helping those affected by abortion. Please visit

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