Mission Council History

  • 1969 – Missionary to Peru – Father Louis Malo
  • 1970 – Bishop of Calgary was among the first in Canada to embrace the new model of Mission
  • 1971 – Bishop Paul O’Byrne appoints Msgr. John O’Brien 1st Director of the Mission Board
  • 1972 – Bishop O’Byrne appoints Father Joseph Toole as Director of the Diocesan Mission Board and implements a new Constitution
  • 1973 – Missionary work in Malawi, Africa with the Holy Spirit Fathers (Spiritans) and the Calgary Diocesan priests Father James M. Hagel and Father Larry Bagnall in 1976
  • 1988 – Sister Denise Paquette FMM was appointed Director of Diocesan Mission Council
  • 1990 – Sister Denise Paquette welcomes Sister Cecily Graves FMM to Diocesan Mission Council
  • 1993 – Sister Cecily Graves becomes Director of Diocesan Mission Council after the departure of Sister Denise Paquette
  • 1996 – The Constitution and Bylaws were revised and approved by Bishop O'Byrne
  • 1998 – Bishop Frederick Henry was installed as the 7th Bishop of Calgary
  • 2003 – CAM2 Guatemala City The American Missionary Congress (CAM2/COMLA 7) brings together missionary delegates from all the countries of America to reflect on the role of ”mission“ in today’s world and to discuss the missionary challenges of the third millennium
  • 2006 – The Constitution and Bylaws were revised and ratified by Bishop Henry
  • 2016 – Sr. Rita Kim, FMM becomes Coordinator of Diocesan Mission Council
  • The Constitution was revised and approved by Bishop Henry
  • New Diocesan Mission Council Members are formed and approved by Bishop
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