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Throughout life, many people experience trials and sorrow, often losing sight of the bigger picture.  God has a plan for each one of us, though when life becomes rough with pot holes and uneven roads, we tend to think ourselves useless, falling into a sense of hopelessness, believing that things will never improve.  This notion takes its toll on our concept of self-worth and validity as a child of God.  Does God really love me?  How can this happen to me?  Why am I going through this?  What purpose does this serve?

This beautiful passage below, from the book, "Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes" by Marie Paul Curley, FSP, truly reminds us to ponder the concept of identity.

"Our essential identity - that we are human beings lovingly created in the image of God - never changes.  Our choices and actions don't change this core identity, but can express, strengthen, and develop it.  When we begin to trust in God's love for us, we can also trust the results of our efforts to his loving care, knowing that God's plan for us is better than anything we could come up with.  We no longer need to be caught in a frantic, restless need to prove our self-worth, but can act out of a sense of security and peace."

- Marie Paul Curley, FSP

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