Holy Childhood Association

Holy Childhood is the Pope's own missionary work for Children.

Who are we?

The Holy Childhood Association (HCA)  was founded in France in 1843 by Bishop Charles de Forbin Jansen. Its purpose is to encourage all children to be aware of the needs of children living in mission territories through out the world.

Monsignor Killen was the 1st HCA Director for the Diocese of Calgary.  After 30 years, Father Malo was given the opportunity until 1969 when Father Brian Hubka was appointed by Bishop O'Byrne.

On behalf of the Diocesan Mission Council and the Parishioners of the Diocese, we would like to thank Father Hubka for nearly 40 years of dedication to the children of the world. (Thank you Father Tim Boyle who held the fort in 2002 – 2004).

What do we do?

Our motto is "children helping children".

The Association provides material to educate children regarding missionaries around the world, who focus on children and their needs. This material can be either used at the parish level or within the school system. First mailing available Sep-Dec. Jan-Jun materials follow automatically early in the New Year.

To order your free education materials visit: http://www.missionsocieties.ca/pms.php?id=orderform

Where your pennies go?

This year in Canada the Holy Childhood Association allocates its donation to the following countries.

When and how you can donate?

Does your parish or school have a HCA collection already set up?  
If not, you can send your donation directly to Father Hubka's office or you may want to set up a HCA within your own parish or school.

Setting up a HCA program within your own parish or school

  1. Step One – research HCA under Mission Projects on National website - www.missionsocieties.ca
  2. Step Two  – contact Father Hubka for advice and direction
  3. Step Three - talk to your parish priest and get his support
  4. Step Four – make a presentation to your Parish Council to receive approval
  5. Step Five – start your program!

Here are different ways Parishes within the Diocese are collecting donations for HCA.

  • A collection basket or jar is placed just in front of the altar and during the Mass the children are encouraged to make their donations to HCA
  • A second collection basket clearly identified (e.g. different color) is passed to the parishioners during one weekend a month which provides the opportunity to donate to HCA
  • In the family collection box, each month there is an envelope which is designated to HCA
  • Coin boxes for children are available to be used during lent or during Mission month in October
  • Some Catholic schools have chosen to participate in the HCA program and have fundraisers as their method of collecting donations

Why donate to HCA through your Parish, School or Diocese?

Every penny goes directly to the children in the missions.  

It is with great thanks that we acknowledge the tremendous support from YOU, the parishioners of the Diocese of Calgary.

History of Holy Childhood Association Donations from the Diocese of Calgary

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