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Our office recommends a Catechist formation series called: "Echoes of Faith Plus". It is the most widely used catechist/teacher formation program in North America. Echoes of Faith Plus includes 13 videos that demonstrate effective catechetical approaches, methodology, and theology. Companion booklets provide the learning design for each participant and include valuable resources, reflection questions, articles, and prayers. Over 60 renowned specialists in catechetics and theology brought their knowledge, expertise, and skills to the Echoes of Faith Plus project.

Echoes of Faith Plus is the best, most complete, convenient, and affordable formation program available today. Echoes Plus, a project of the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership produced by RCL Benziger, is the most complete and widely used catechist formation resource ever developed.

If you would like to see or borrow this resource, just contact our Diocesan Resource Library at: 403-218-5510.

Should you wish to purchase this series:

To order the modules that give you training in methodology and practical advice on how to become an effective Catechist go to:

We highly recommend the Theological Modules of the series to those who wish to gain more confidence in teaching the Catholic Faith.  To order the complete Theological part of the series online, click the link below and go to page 5 of the product pages:

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