Catechetical Certificate Program 2017-2018

This Certificate Program is designed to give lay people the necessary Catechetical background in order to feel more confident in the following areas of Parish Ministry:

  • Sacramental Preparation
  • RCIA
  • Youth Ministry
  • Parish-based Catechesis

This program, offered in three levels covering various topics, is also invaluable to anyone seeking to know more about their Catholic Faith.

Course Registration Fee is $100 for each Level.

Location: Canadian Martyrs Parish 835 Northmount Dr NW, Calgary, AB 

You can register online here. Or, for more information or to register manually, please call 403-218-5501, or email

Catechetical Certificate Program 2017-2018

Topic Order is subject to change

    Level 1

  1. Scriptural Foundations (Hebrew Scriptures): Sept. 30
  2. Scriptural Foundations (New Testament) : Oct. 14
  3. Liturgy: Oct. 28
  4. General Directory for Catechesis: Nov. 11
  5. How to be and Effective Catechist: Nov. 25
  6. Prayer and Spirituality: Dec. 2

    Level 2


    Level 3


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Diocesan Forum on Initiation (RCIA)

The Diocesan Forum on Initiation provides resources and formation on issues related to Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults including initiation for unbaptised adults and children of catechetical age, initiation for those baptised in other denominations, and completion of initiation for baptised Catholic adults.

The Ministry

The Diocesan Forum in Initiation (the Forum) works through the Office of Liturgy and with the Religious Education Secretariat to carry out the Bishop’s mission of Christian Initiation in the Diocese. The Forum supports parish initiation teams by providing formation in initiation ministry, researching best practices, and building relationships with parishes. Members of the Forum are people of prayer with experience in catechesis and ministry. They have discerned a calling to this ministry and enjoy working as part of a team.

Related Offices Office of Liturgy
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Diocesan Youth Retreat Team (DYRT)

DYRT for Youth

"It doesn't matter how you do it, we all do it different ways. What matters is that you did it"
-DYRT Team quote 2011/12

Who and What is DYRT?

The Office of the Youth and Young Adult ministry offers a team of energetic faith-filled young adults to provide retreats/workshops within the Diocese on a year round basis… The team works with students of elementary, junior and senior High School age in both the Parish Churches and Schools. The DYRT team can also provide young adult retreats to groups of young adults up to the age of 35.

Each DYRT team member is a dedicated, enthusiastic young adult. The Youth and Young Adult Ministry provides ongoing training in facilitation & faith development to guide them on the journey of becoming effective witnesses to the community we serve.

Specific Service: To act as a Resource Team to parish based youth ministry teams and/or personnel and to provide resources and information to parishes seeking more effective means of ministering effectively to our youth.

Primary Objective is to offer retreats for parishes, especially in the area of Sacramental preparation

Our retreats provide opportunity for spiritual education and reflection for the students. There are several retreats that have been developed around sacramental themes, but the team will create new content on specific topics for individual retreats upon request.

Sacramental Theme Retreats Specific Theme Days
First Holy Communion Community Building, Prayer
First Reconcilation Peer Pressure, Confidence

Retreat Costs

The cost for booking the DYRT team for parishes is a charge of $1.25 per participant to cover the cost of materials.  Parish costs are included in their yearly assessment.

The cost for booking the DYRT team for schools is based on the number of participants, the number of DYRT team members facilitating the Retreat and the number of hours that the retreat will run.

The DYRT team will provide any and all materials for the day. Please review the pricing chart for below:

School pricing:

  2 hours or less 3 hours 4 hours 5 hours 6 hours >6 hours
Number of participants            
less than 10 $135.00 $180.00 $225.00 $268.00 $313.00 $403.00
11-20 $145.00 $190.00 $235.00 $280.00 $325.00 $415.00
21-30 $160.00 $203.00 $248.00 $293.00 $338.00 $428.00
31-40 $200.00 $260.00 $320.00 $380.00 $440.00 $560.00
41-50 $245.00 $318.00 $393.00 $468.00 $543.00 $693.00
51-60 $285.00 $375.00 $465.00 $555.00 $645.00 $825.00
61 or more $275.00 $484.00 $604.00 $724.00 $844.00 $1,084.00
Rate $15.00 per hour
Supply Cost $1.25 per student
Preparation Fee $30.00 flat rate
Number of participants 1 to 30 31 to 40 41 to 50 51 to 60 61 or more
DYRT presenters per retreat 3 4 5 6 8

Parish Pricing:

  2 hours or less 3 hours 4 hours 5 hours 6 hours >6 hours
Number of participants            
less than 10 $133 $178 $223 $268 $313 $403
11-20 $145 $190 $235 $280 $325 $415
21-30 $158 $203 $248 $293 $338 $428
31-40 $200 $260 $320 $380 $440 $560
41-50 $243 $318 $393 $468 $543 $693
51-60 $285 $375 $465 $555 $645 $825
61 or more $364 $484 $604 $724 $844 $1,084

General Information for Parishes/schools about DYRT Retreats

  1. The is responsible for the booking and payment of rentatls of the facility used, as well as any related food costs.
  2. Please ensure that the facility can provide a TV and VCR or DVD player if necessary, and a flip chart or white board.
  3. If detailed information is needed for the retreat, such as particulars of the day, please contact the DYRT coordinator Sarah Buckham at
  4. An invoice for the school will be sent to you by Angela at


Director of Youth & Adult Ministry: Mary Ann Donaleshen at 403-218-5516 or

Booking the DYRT Team for Parishes and Schools: Contact Angela at

PLEASE book early to avoid disappointment as we do fill up quickly

DYRT Coordinator: Sarah Buckham at 403-218-5500 Ext 550 or

Learn more about DYRT in "Top Ten Reasons to go on Retreat with DYRT"

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Catechetical Resources

Our office recommends a Catechist formation series called: "Echoes of Faith Plus". It is the most widely used catechist/teacher formation program in North America. Echoes of Faith Plus includes 13 videos that demonstrate effective catechetical approaches, methodology, and theology. Companion booklets provide the learning design for each participant and include valuable resources, reflection questions, articles, and prayers. Over 60 renowned specialists in catechetics and theology brought their knowledge, expertise, and skills to the Echoes of Faith Plus project.

Echoes of Faith Plus is the best, most complete, convenient, and affordable formation program available today. Echoes Plus, a project of the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership produced by RCL Benziger, is the most complete and widely used catechist formation resource ever developed.

If you would like to see or borrow this resource, just contact our Diocesan Resource Library at: 403-218-5510.

Should you wish to purchase this series:

To order the modules that give you training in methodology and practical advice on how to become an effective Catechist go to:

We highly recommend the Theological Modules of the series to those who wish to gain more confidence in teaching the Catholic Faith.  To order the complete Theological part of the series online, click the link below and go to page 5 of the product pages:

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Echoes of Faith

"The General Directory for Catechesis says that we must give absolute priority to the formation of lay catechists."

The Religious Education Secretariat of the Diocese of Calgary is pleased to offer the Echoes of Faith ~ Plus Program as an option for catechist and parish volunteers' enrichment.

To order copies click on the links below:

Click here to view Topic Descriptions

Catholic Morality

I Believe/We Believe

Prayer and Spirituality

The Scriptures

Liturgy and Sacraments

What will the format be?

The Facilitator will follow the Director's Manual which lays out the process in a clear and user friendly manner. The Facilitator may be the Pastor, Pastoral Assistant, Sacramental Preparation Coordinator or another lay person assigned by the Pastor to take on this role.

Each Parish or Group can determine how often and when they will meet to view the DVD together, dialogue and work on their individual workbooks. This will vary by parish.

Upon completion of working through all of the materials outlined above the Facilitator will be able to issue a Certificate prepared by the Diocese. Certificates may be obtained by contacting Norline Johnson at 403-218-5503

What if my parish does not offer this formation program?

Individuals wishing to pursue this training on their own may contact the Resource Centre at 403-218-5510 and borrow the DVD's one at a time as per Resource Centre lending policies. Upon completion of the program, please contact Norline Johnson at 403-218-5503 to arrange for a certificate to be issued.

Questions, comments, or concerns?

This program is an integrated learning design with a DVD component. It will provide a solid foundation for a catechist or anyone working in various ministries within a parish.

For information or help in establishing or maintaining your Echoes of Faith ~ Plus Program, please contact: Norline Johnson, Religious Education Consultant at 403-218-5503.

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