Make Your Catholic Faith a Priority

November begins with All Saints Day followed by All Souls Day. Both days are being observed on weekdays this year and everybody might not have had the chance to attend Mass. However, there is ample opportunity to visit the resting places of loved ones and partake in a memorial Mass and services during the month. One time might be Remembrance Day on November 11, when we remember those who lost their lives in war, and during other military conflicts, while tending to their duty to defend our freedom.

November is also a time when the days have fewer daylight hours, and the outdoor temperatures start to sink below the freezing mark. We tend to spend more time indoors. What a great opportunity to have a little more quiet time! Maybe we can spend some of that time in reflection and prayer. Talking about prayer, what exactly is prayer? The Bible identifies several different types of prayers. There are prayers of adoration, prayers of confession, prayers of thanksgiving, and prayers of petition — to name a few. Prayer is not some mystical process nor is it some kind of power that makes things happen for us because they are on our “wish list.” True prayer is communication with God by opening our hearts and minds to invite God into conversation.

Practicing our Catholic faith fully means that we incorporate prayer into our daily routine. Individual and family prayer time, long or short, will enrich our lives and our relationships with each other and with God.

Suggested Family Practices:

  • Make a point of eating together at least once a day or whenever possible and especially on Sundays and holidays.
  • Say grace together at meal times.
  • Practise prayer and bedtime rituals.
  • Make time for family conversations.
  • Display and introduce sacred objects and religious images, especially the Bible, to the children.
  • Celebrate holidays together.
  • Engage in family devotions and read the Bible.
  • Provide age appropriate books and literature for the children.

Prayer Activities for Family Members Thank You, Sorry, Please — Teaspoon Prayers

Perhaps one of the most simple ways of praying is to use the three words: thank you, sorry, please. Talk to your child about what(s) he is thankful for and make a note of it. Then ask what(s) he is sorry about, and then ask about what(s) he would like to ask of God. Help your child to form a prayer. As a reminder, you can give your child a teaspoon that can be kept in a special place. If this is repeated it might just become one of the prayer rituals that your child some day passes on to his or her children. Balloon Prayers — Family Activity

Blow up balloons and hand one to every family member. Ask each person to write one-line “thank you” prayers on the balloons with a felt marker. Gather in a circle and invite each family member to read their prayers. Hang the balloons around the room.

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