Famine Relief for South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen

The CCCB, along with other faith leaders in Canada, has launched a national appeal to help address the famines and extreme food shortages in these four countries.

The threefold response is:

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Year End Giving

2016 Giving Deadlines

Thank you for thinking of us this holiday season.
We are truly grateful for your support!

The Catholic Pastoral Centre will be closed from 4:30 pm on Thursday, December 22, 2016 
until 8:30 am on Tuesday, January 3, 2016 in observance of the Christmas Season.

Please note: the following information applies to all programs of the Diocese.

If you would like to donate online, please use the “Donate Now” button at the top of this page. These gifts must be date stamped December 31, 2016.

If you would like to make a gift of Securities, this Authorization to Broker Form must be RECEIVED by OUR broker by December 30, 2016.

If you would like mail a donation, please ensure it is postmarked by December 31, 2016 to be eligible for a 2016 tax receipt. (Catholic Pastoral Centre, 120 17 Ave SW, Calgary AB T2S 2T2).

If you would like to drop off a donation, the Catholic Pastoral Centre is open until 4:30 pm on December 22, 2016. (Catholic Pastoral Centre, 120 17 Ave SW, Calgary AB T2S 2T2).

If you have any questions about these deadlines, please contact (please note this email will only be checked intermittently between December 22 and 31, 2016)

Thank you again for your generosity.
Merry Christmas from The Catholic Pastoral Centre.

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Ride for Refuge

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary is honoured to partner with Blue Sea Philanthropy, as the host partner for Ride for Refuge. This is a fantastically fun, family-friendly bike-a-thon supporting charities serving the displaced, vulnerable, and exploited.

In 2015, Ride for Refuge in Calgary benefited 22 charities. The Diocese raised funds for its Elizabeth House Program.

For more information or to join us as a rider or volunteer, visit the Ride for Refuge Calgary or contact Samantha Jones at 403-218-5531 or

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An Appeal from the Eparchy of Keren, Eritria

Did you contribute to the October Mission Sunday collection? The following is a brief look at one church in need. The Eparchy (Diocese) of Keren, the second city in Eritrea in the north of Africa, has a pressing need of a new seminary.

Background Information

Due to its geopolitical position on the Red Sea, Eritrea has had many invaders during its history, including Egyptians and Ottoman Turks. In recent history, Eritrea was colonized by Italy, was a British Protectorate after the second World War, followed by unjust annexation by Ethiopia. This resulted in a 30-year brutal and ferocious war, until finally independence was won in 1991. This war was costly for Eritrea: tens of thousands of lives were lost; villages were demolished; infrastructure was devastated; and the little development achieved was driven backwards. The quality of life was non existent, while malnutrition and starvation was widespread. Many survivors left the country in search of a life, and many drowned in the attempt.

The Catholic Eparchy of Keren stretches over a semi desert region of Eritrea. It has a population of about 450,000 of which about 12% are Catholic and 85% are Muslim. Despite its minority status in number, the Church is well respected, running social, pastoral, educational, medical, and humanitarian services.

Some Church History

Fr. Justin de Jocobis, ordained in Brindisi, Italy, was the founder of modern Eritrean Catholicism. He visited the area in 1844 and found it completely abandoned by clergy. In 1831 missionaries walked through Keren during a 50-day excursion and saw churches that were still frequented by people, even without an officiating priest.

In 1867, the main task of the missionaries was the establishment of the seminary. The buildings which were completed in 1873 and continue to operate today. Entire villages were becoming Catholic and the seminary was able to offer education to priests for service to the new parishes.

In 1924, an apostolic visitor was commissioned by Pope Pius XI who reported back to Rome the need for a local hierarchy. Today we have the Catholic Eparchy (diocese) of Keren, established in 1995 with its first Eparch (bishop) His Excellency Abune Tesmairam Bedho. After his passing he was succeeded by His Excellency Abune Kidane Yebio as the second and present Eparch.

The fruits of many years of prayer, sacrifice, hard work, struggle and evangelization, have lead to the well established seminary and church. As of 2015 the Eparchy of Keren has 74 priests; 93 seminarians; 68 catechists; runs 43 parishes; 53 chapels; 18 elementary schools; five middle schools; one high school; one agricultural college; two orphanages; seven women’s promotion centres; two health centres; five health stations; eight kindergartens; and six child care centres. The seminary in Keren has been the cradle for vocations from its inception to the present time. Until recently all diocesan priests and bishops of the Geez rite have had their formation in the seminary of Keren. The seminary continues to operate under very difficult conditions. In spite of a lack of resources, miserable, and bleak conditions—as during the liberation war—it has continued to bear fruit. Vocations are still plentiful and ordination of priests is a regular occurrence even though they take place outdoors in shabby half covered tents because of lack of a cathedral. The cathedral is being built now.

The majority of the people in the Catholic Diocese of Keren live in small villages as subsistence farmers and pastoralists. Living conditions and development are poor, and modern amenities are non existent, even in the larger villages. Hence building a seminary with the peoples’ resources is unthinkable. This is why the Keren Church humbly extends her hand to her brothers and sisters in Christ to help build a much needed new seminary. As we well know, continuity of our faith depends on educating tomorrow’s priests. This is a primary concern for every bishop. Some struggle with lack of vocations; and others, like Keren, have many called to religious vocations, but lack the appropriate resources to educate them.

The estimated cost of the new seminary is $4,000,000 (four million) US dollars. Perhaps the Propagation of the Faith from Mission Sunday collections can help; but this is not an isolated need in today’s world. Perhaps the dioceses in the USA can help, and maybe we can help. Small donations add up. Drops of water can fill a bucket. Bishop Henry has spearheaded some drops in the bucket. God bless you all. If you are touched by this story and are able to help, donations can be made to the seminary via Mission Council, Calgary Diocese, 120 - 17th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2S 2T2.

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Ways to Give

There are many ways to support the work you believe in. The Diocese gratefully accepts gifts from individuals, corporations, service clubs and other organizationss.

"Your smallest acts of love and kindness may quite well be the ones which change the world."
~Pope John Paul II

Making a Donation Via Cash, Cheque, or Online

Drop by the office, mail in a cheque or donate online to have the most immediate impact on the programs and services of the Diocese. Cheques should be payable to whichever program you are supporting or "Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary" with the program in the memo line. Please note that receipts are issued to the name(s) on the cheques or credit cards.

Supporting us with a gift of Securities

Gifting of stocks, bonds or mutual funds to the Diocese is another meaningful way to support our programs. Simply complete this form (or click below) and send it on to your broker. They will then forward it on to the Diocese’s broker to complete the transaction. A tax receipt is issued for the value of the stocks at closing on the day received. The Diocese is also able to process these types of transactions on behalf of your parish.

Providing support on a Monthly Basis

Through our monthly giving program, you can pledge your support on a monthly basis while balancing your pocketbook. Think you can't afford a large gift? Spread it out over the year to make it more manageable! We are able to charge your credit card monthly and receipts are issued annually. This type of support allows us to budget more effectively and provides security for our programs. Donate monthly here.

Letting your loved ones know you care through a Celebration Gift

Celebrating a special day or a special person? Make a donation to the Diocese in memory of a loved one or in honour of a loved one's special day. Let us know who to send a note to so we can celebrate your generosity.

Look to the Future with a Planned Gift

Planned gifts include bequests, gifts of insurance and other types of property. Please click here or contact us for more information regarding this innovative way to give now and in the future.

Take advantage of your organization's Matching Gifts Program

Many employers will match your gift. Speak to yours today to find out what their policy is!

The Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Calgary is registered as a legal charity under its 1913 legislative act of incorporation and also federally with the Canada Revenue Agency. Charitable BN: 10790-9939-RR0076.

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