Diocesan Liturgical Calendar

  • Below is the list of diocesan liturgical calendar of Bishop William T. McGrattan. Unless otherwise noted, the liturgies or prayers are led by Bishop McGrattan. Note that the schedule is subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Liturgy at 403-218-5511 or 403-218-5524, or e-mail 

January 2018

  • January 18 - Week of Prayer of Christian Unity - Ambrose University at 11 AM. 
  • January 19 - School Blessing - Guardian Angels School (CCSD). Fr. Jerome Lavigne presiding.
  • January 21 - Relic Pilgrimage of St. Francis Xavier - Mass and Sung Vespers at St. Albert the Great.
  • January 22 - School Blessing - Apostles of Jesus (CCSD). Fr. Jerome Lavigne presiding.
  • January 25 - School Blessing - Holy Child (CCSD). Fr. Jerome Lavigne presiding.
  • January 25 - Week of Prayer of Christian Unity - St. Joseph's Church, Calgary at 7 PM. Fr. Yaroslaw Dziuba presiding.
  • January 28 - Parish Closing - Our Lady of the Rockies, Canmore.

February 2018 

  • February 17 - Rite of Election - St. Mary's Cathedral, Calgary at 7:30 PM
  • February 18 - Mass for Mark Drapal's Admission to the Ministry of Acolyte, St. Cecilia, Calgary at 9 AM.
  • February 18 - Rite of Election - St. Mary's Cathedral, Calgary at 3:30 PM 
  • February 20 - Faith Day - Christ the Redeemer School Disrict

March 2018

  • March 20 - 20th Anniversary of St. Albert the Great, Calgary
  • March 24 - Mass for the Acies Legion of Mary - St. Patrick, Calgary
  • March 25 - Palm Sunday Mass - St. Mary's Cathedral, Calgary
  • March 26 - Chrism Mass at 7:30 PM - St. Mary's Cathedral, Calgary
  • March 27 - Mass for Noli Timere Youth Group at St. Mary's University, Calgary
  • March 29 - Holy Thursday at 7 PM - St. Mary's Cathedral, Calgary
  • March 30 - The Outdoor Way of the Cross at St. Mary's Cathedral, Calgary 
  • March 30 - Good Friday at 3 PM - St. Mary's Cathedral, Calgary
  • March 31 - Easter Vigil at 8 PM - St. Mary's Cathedral, Calgary

April 2018

  • April 1 - Easter Sunday at St. Mary's Cathedral, Calgary
  • April 3 - L'Arche Easter Prayer Service, Calgary
  • April 4 - Mass at the Man of the Shroud Exhibition - St. Peter's Church, Calgary
  • April 7 - Confirmation Mass - St. Augustine/St. Joseph (Taber/Vauxhall)
  • April 8 - Divine Mercy Sunday Mass - Holy Spirit Parish, Calgary
  • April 11 - Mass - St. Mary's University, Calgary
  • April 12 - Institution of Acolyte for Permanent Deacons - St. Albert the Great, Calgary
  • April 14 - Confirmation Mass - St. Albert the Great, Calgary
  • April 14 - Confirmation Mass - St. Mary's Cathedral, Calgary
  • April 15 - Confirmation Mass - Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Calgary
  • April 15 - Confirmation Mass - St. Albert the Great, Calgary
  • April 17 - Confirmation Mass - Ascension, Calgary (at St. Luke's Calgary)
  • April 20 - Confrmation Mass - St. Joseph's, Calgary
  • April 21 - Confirmation Mass - St. Peter's, Calgary
  • April 22 - Confirmation Mass - St. Mary's, Cochrane
  • April 25 - Confirmation Mass - St. Bonaventure, Calgary
  • April 27 - Confirmation Mass - All Saints Parish, Lethbridge
  • April 28 - Confirmation Mass - Sacred Heart Parish, Strathmore
  • April 28 - Confirmation Mass - St. Paul's, Airdrie & St. Agnes, Carstairs
  • April 29 - Confirmation Mass - Sacred Heart, Calgary
  • April 29 - Confirmation Mass - St. Thomas More, Calgary
  • April 30 - Mass for CCSSA

May 2018

  • May 3 - Confirmation Mass - St. Pius X & Ascension Parishes, Calgary
  • May 4 - Confirmation Mass - St. James, Okotoks
  • May 5 - Cconfirmation Mass - St. Mary's Parish, Banff
  • May 6 - Confirmation Mass - St. Cecilia, Calgary
  • May 6 - Confirmation Mass - St. Michael's, Calgary
  • May 8 - Confirmation Mass - Holy Trinity, Calgary
  • May 10 - Confirmation Mass - Holy Spirit, Calgary
  • May 11 - St. Mary's University Convocation - St. Albert the Great, Calgary
  • May 11 - Confirmation Mass - Corpus Christi, Calgary
  • May 12 - Confirmation Mass - St. James, Okotoks
  • May 12 - Confirmation Mass - St. Vincent Liem, Calgary
  • May 13 - Confirmation Mass - Immaculate Conception, Standoff
  • May 13 - Confirmation Mass - St. Luke, Calgary
  • May 18 - Confirmation Mass - St. Rita's, Rockyford
  • May 19 - Confirmation Mass - St. Gabriel the Archangel, Chestermere
  • May 20 - Confirmation Mass - Holy Family & St. Patrick Parishes, Medicine Hat
  • May 25 - Bishop Kidd School's 50th Anniversary Mass, Calgary
  • May 25 - Confirmation Mass - Mary, Mother of the Redeemer, Calgary
  • May 26 - Confirmation Mass - St. Gerard, Calgary
  • May 26 - Feed the Hungry Blessing - Feed the Hungry Garden in Glenmore, Calgary
  • May 27 - Confirmation Mass - Our Lady of Fatima, Calgary
  • May 27 - Confirmation Mass - Our Lady Queen of Peace, Calgary
  • May 30 - Confirmation Mass - St. Mary's, Brooks
  • May 31 - Confirmation Mass - Holy Name, Calgary

JUNE 2018

  • June 10 - Renewal of Promises - Permanent Diaconate - St. Mary's Cathedral
  • June 29 - Ordination of Derek Remus to the Priesthood at 7 PM - St. Mary's Cathedral

JULY 2018

  • July 1 - Consecration of Canada (All Parishes)


  • TBD - CRSD Opening - St. James, Okotoks
  • TBD - CCSD Opening - BMO Centre


  • TBD  - Franco Sud Opening - FCJ Centre
  • TBD  - Priests' Jubilee - St. Anthony
  • TBD - StMUC Opening - St. Mary's University
  • TBD - UofC Opening - St. Pius X
  • Sep 28 - One Rock - St. Michael's, Calgary
  • Sep 29 - One Rock - St. Micahel's, Calgary


  • Oct 10 - Red Mass - St. Mary's Cathedral, Calgary.
  • TBD - White Mass - St. Anthony, Calgary
  • TBD - Blue Mass - St. Cecilia, Calgary


  • TBD - Miscarriage Liturgy - Sacred Heart, Calgary
  • TBD - CCSD Faith Day - BMO Centre
  • Nov 17 - Ordination to the Permanent Diaconate - 7:30 PM St. Mary's Cathedral
  • TBD - KofC Memorial - St. Luke's, Calgary
  • TBD - Red Mass - St. Mary's Cathedral, Calgary
  • TBD - CWL 75th Anniversary - St. James, Okotoks
  • Rejoice in God's Mercy - each Wednesday of Advent 2018


  • TBD - StMUC Patron Day Mass - St. Mary's University
  • Dec 24 - Christmas Mass - St. Mary's Cathedral


  • Jan 13 - Migrant & Refugee Mass - Holy Spirit Parish (to be confirmed) and all parishes


MARCH 2019

  • Rejoice in God's Mercy - each Wednesday of Lent 2018
  • Mar 6 - Ash Wednesday - St. Mary's Cathedral
  • Mar 9 - Rite of Election - St. Mary's Cathedral
  • Mar 10 - Rite of Election - St. Mary's Cathedral

APRIL 2019

  • TBD - StMUC end of term Mass - St. Mary's University
  • Apr 15 - Chrism Mass - 7:30 PM St. Mary's Cathedral
  • April 17 - Holy Thursday - St. Mary's Cathedral
  • April 18 - Good Friday  - St. Mary's Cathedral
  • April 19 - Easter Vigil  - St. Mary's Cathedral
  • April 20 - Easter Sunday - St. Mary's Cathedral 
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One Rock: Summer Festival of Faith

The word that most comes to mind, following the One Rock Festival of Faith, is joy. This makes sense, when you look at the weekend. What is there not to be joyful about? The musicians were phenomenal, the speakers were thought-provoking, and the Masses were breathtaking. But the joy that was felt at One Rock comes from a deeper place, from more than just an experience, or an event, or a talk. The joy that was palpable among attendees at One Rock can only come from One – from God.

Similar to Mary, during the One Rock weekend, I realized how much God has done for me, how truly blessed I am and how tremendous His love is for me. I think that many people realized the same for themselves. We had the opportunity to spend an entire weekend praising God, attending Mass, hearing about conversion experiences, learning about the love that God has for each of us. What an incredibly blessed way to spend a weekend!

Someone asked how we judge the success of an event such as One Rock. My mind instantly thought about the number of tickets sold, the number of people in attendance, number of volunteers… By these criteria, One Rock was truly a success! But pondering this later, I came to realize that the success of a large event like this one is to be judged by something else, something greater. Was there joy? Did even one person come to experience the love of God in their lives, and did that in turn lead them to the joy of the Gospel, the joy that we, as Catholics, live and seek? If one person had an experience of their faith that led them closer to Christ, the “One Rock” of our lives, then the festival was an overwhelming success.

If joy is an accurate criterion, then the joy felt throughout the Festival of Faith speaks for itself. There were so many smiles and so much laughter and fun during the music events. You could have heard a pin drop during the talks as everyone listened intently. The beautiful Adoration Chapel always had people inside, visiting with Our Lord, present in the Blessed Sacrament. The beautiful play, in celebration of Our Lady of Fatima, left many people in awe. The many acts, performances, and activities throughout One Rock are too many to mention, but each one played a part in making One Rock an unforgettable, and truly joyous, experience.

“For the Mighty One has done great things for me, and Holy is His Name.” The Mighty One indeed did a many great things at One Rock. Only by trusting in Him did we host this festival, and only with His grace could the immense joy be felt throughout the weekend. What is left now is for us to praise God, and be grateful for the many gifts he bestowed upon us.

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Consecration of Canada - Photo Album

Bishop McGrattan consecrated the Diocese of Calgary to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on Saturday, July 1, 2017, with a celebration of Eucharist, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Rosary prayers.

The Diocese of Calgary thanks all the liturgical ministers involved and the staff at St. Mary's Cathedral for their assistance. A special thank you for God Squad Canada for preparing the delicious barbeque for everyone!

Created with flickr slideshow.


If the slideshow does not play in your browser, please view directly in the Flickr Photo Album here.

Photography: Victor Panlilio

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One Rock Celebrates Canada 150 Anniversary

Every year, the City of Calgary welcomes one festival after the other – highlighting the best of everything – including food festivals, flower festivals, and cultural festivals, among many others. This year, the Catholic community will host its eighth annual faith festival, One Rock, with Bishop William McGrattan!

Thousands of young adults, and their families, from across Western Canada, will gather at One Rock, the biggest faith festival in Canada to enjoy a faith-filled weekend!

Young people of today face the most aggressive and invasive life challenges of our time; a constant barrage of deceptive distractions vie for their attention, leading them towards a faithless future. It is in the service of others that we turn our attention to the young people in our parishes, universities and communities, and give them tools to enrich their lives.

At the Wine and Cheese One Rock fundraiser event held a couple of weeks ago, Bishop McGrattan quoted Pope Francis who said to the Canadian western bishops, “We need to listen to our young people and work for them.” We all have to support the festival in every possible way, and promote One Rock to serve our young people for when we do, we are “serving the Lord” [Eph. 6:7].

One Rock has touched the young adults’ lives in different ways. One Rock has produced many good fruits of our faith, including hundreds of young people who now give more to their community and local church.

Enthusiastic attendees from last year said, “Through One Rock, we developed a stronger connection to our faith, which was strengthened through each other. As a result of our experience at One Rock, we have started many youth activities at St. Basil’s parish, such as a scout and guides program, and our own youth summer camp two weeks following One Rock. Ever since last summer, we have been counting down the days until One Rock 2017 and we are very excited to relive some of our best moments as not just a youth group, but as a family.”

One Rock has also been a source of vocations to Catholic priesthood and religious life. One young lady shared that, “One Rock was where I found my vocation by listening to one of the Sisters of Life who was talking about the joy of consecrated life. Right after that, we had time of adoration and I had a beautiful moment where I heard God speaking to me, ‘this could be you!’ One Rock has changed my life!”

This year we are hosting many Canadian artists and presenters who promise to make our music festival more exciting, fun, unique and faith filled! Some of the artists include The Informants, Flood the Stone, and several local talents as well. We are delighted to welcome Leah Darrow and Fr. Raymond De Souza as our main speakers this year! Leah is a former US model, daughter, sister, wife and mother… but most especially she is a redeemed daughter of God! Our Sunday program will showcase the amazing multiculturalism of Canada on its 150th anniversary.

Services including free babysitting, and shuttle buses from Calgary to the festival site will be offered. Exhibition booths will offer much to browse through and purchase. Camping at the festival site for the weekend is highly encouraged.

Its positive energy is contagious and has people coming back year after year!

Pope Francis exhorted the young people of the world by saying, “The one who evangelizes is evangelized, and the one who transmits the joy of faith receives joy.”

When asked about One Rock this year, a wise young man said, “it is impossible to write about the spirit that the people brought to One Rock; you would have had to be there to have experienced it.” Bring your family and friends and make One Rock part of your summer plans!

One Rock 2017 will take place on August 11, 12 and 13 at the beautiful and awe-inspiring location Tsuut’ina Rodeo Grounds in Redwood Meadows, Bragg Creek area, AB.

For more information, to purchase tickets, or to sign up as a volunteer please visit:

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Consecration of Canada

As part of the celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of Confederation the Bishops of Canada will be consecrating our country to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  1. Diocesan Prayer Service on July 1, 2017

  2. Bishop McGrattan consecrated the Diocese of Calgary on 1 July, 2017 (St. Mary’s Cathedral at 10am for a service of Adoration, Scripture, rosary, and the consecration followed by a BBQ). 

    Download Poster Here

  3. Consecration Prayer.

  4. All parishes in the diocese are invited to pray the consecration prayer at the Vigil Mass on Saturday July 1st. Click here to download the prayer.

  5. Parish Celebration

    1. Parishes are also invited to hold a parish celebration on one or more Saturdays within the anniversary year (July 1 2017 – July 1 2018).
    2. Download Prayer Service Templates 
    3. Download Rosary Intentions Booklet
  6. Catechetical Materials.

    The CCCB has provided catechetical materials. Check out resources here.

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