Catechetical Certificate Program 2017-2018

This Certificate Program is designed to give lay people the necessary Catechetical background in order to feel more confident in the following areas of Parish Ministry:

  • Sacramental Preparation
  • RCIA
  • Youth Ministry
  • Parish-based Catechesis

This program, offered in three levels covering various topics, is also invaluable to anyone seeking to know more about their Catholic Faith.

Course Registration Fee is $100 for each Level.

Location: Canadian Martyrs Parish 835 Northmount Dr NW, Calgary, AB 

You can register online here. Or, for more information or to register manually, please call 403-218-5501, or email

Catechetical Certificate Program 2017-2018

Topic Order is subject to change

    Level 1

  1. Scriptural Foundations (Hebrew Scriptures): Sept. 30
  2. Scriptural Foundations (New Testament) : Oct. 14
  3. Liturgy: Oct. 28
  4. General Directory for Catechesis: Nov. 11
  5. How to be and Effective Catechist: Nov. 25
  6. Prayer and Spirituality: Dec. 2

    Level 2


    Level 3


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Dismissal to Rite of Election & Call to lenten Renewal

Dismissal to Rite of Election & Call to lenten Renewal and Signing the Book of the Elect

This dismissal takes place ideally at a Sunday Mass (or at another convenient time) after the homily or at the end of Mass.


My dear friends,

You are about to set out on the road that leads to the glory of Easter.
Christ will be your way, your truth, and your life.

In his name and in the name of this Parish Community of _________________
we send you forth to the Mother Church of our diocese, St. Mary's Cathedral.

I now invite you forward, catechumens, to sign your name in the Book of the Elect.
(Have someone call out the names of the catechumens. Only catechumens sign the book).

I now send you for the Lord has chosen you
to join other catechumens who are seeking baptism at Easter
to be received by our Bishop Henry, and numbered among the elect.

And you candidates, who are seeking full communion in the church,
or preparing to complete your initiation;
we send you forth from this community to celebrate with the Bishop
the Rite of Calling Candidates to lenten Renewal.

In this rite, you will be invited, along with the entire community of the faithful,
to use this holy season of lent to prepare
in a most intense, serious and spiritual way,
for the renewal of your baptismal promises at Easter,
and to become full members of the Catholic Church.

You have been chosen by God and have entered with us into his way of lent.
May Christ teach you the value of prayer and fasting in meeting temptation,
especially during this time of lenten retreat.

Be assured of our loving support and prayers for you.

Go in peace. Soon you will gather with us to be nourished at the Eucharistic table.

You may include this intention in The Prayers of the Faithful:

That all catechumens and candidates may experience the universality and love of our Catholic faith as they meet with our Bishop for the Rite of Election and the Rite of Calling Candidates to lenten Renewal in the Catholic Church.

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Mass Intentions

First of all then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people. 1 Timothy 2:1

The practice of requesting a priest to offer the Mass for a specific intention, even when one cannot be physically present at the Mass, is a longstanding tradition in the Church. The Church considers the Mass to be the greatest prayer of intercession. It is the perfect offering of Christ to the Father because it makes present the Paschal mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection. As the priest offers the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, he does so in persona Christi, as a mediator between God and humanity, so that the person for whom the Mass is offered obtains special graces. Through Mass intentions, the fruits of the Spirit flow and help communities grow in care for their members.

Still, there is more to this matter of intentions. Did you know that any Catholic may offer up the Mass, in which he or she participates, for any good intention? To do so is a genuine exercise of the royal priesthood of the faithful. Personally, as a young man sitting in the pew, I found it much easier to focus and pray during the Mass when I also focused on offering the Mass for someone. There are times when you may not want to be at Mass or when you are distracted. But when you are able to refocus and pray for one person, or another, you can offer your struggle for them. We do not just come to church for ourselves but we come for one another, and to pray as a community, for the community. When each of us has someone special to pray for, it can help us enter into the mystery of God’s love for each one of us.

As a priest now, I like to remind people to bring their own intention to Mass. You might request a Mass to be prayed for Mrs. Smith next week since she is seriously ill, but you also need to pray for Mr. Smith, who may be about to lose his wife. So, in addition to the Mass intention you requested for Mrs. Smith, you also offer your attention and your participation at the Mass for Mr. Smith.

I believe that if we each came to Mass with an intention and really focused on offering our full participation for someone else, we would experience greater participation in the Mass. I also believe we would grow in our care for one another and come to understand more deeply that the Mass is not only about me and God but about the needs of my brothers and sisters in the greater community.

There are many intentions, reasons, and motivations for our presence at church. We may not be aware of all these reasons at every Mass we attend, but some should apply every Sunday. How many of these apply to you?

  1. I Keep holy the Sabbath (Third Commandment), which for Christians is Sunday, the day of Resurrection.
  2. I Receive the Eucharist.
  3. I give praise and glory to God in community.
  4. Private worship is not enough for me. Christians are called to gather as the Body of Christ!
  5. I make an offering to God of my time, treasure, and talent.
  6. I pray for my brothers and sisters.

Sometimes young people say that they go to church only because their parents make them. In this case, we can say to the parents, “Well done good and faithful servants!” When parents bring their children to church, they fulfil a promise to raise their children in the practise of the faith. This promise was made on their wedding day, and at the baptism of each of their children. Parents, godparents, and friends can help young people participate in the Mass by encouraging them to arrive with an intention, just as we can deepen our own spirituality of the Mass by taking to heart St. Timothy’s exhortation: “I urge that supplication, prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving be made for all people.”

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Becoming Diocesan Forum on Initiation Member

Are you a person of prayer with experience in initiation ministry and catechesis? Are you committed to your own ongoing faith formation? Do you enjoy working as part of a team? If so, maybe you are called to serve on the Diocesan Forum on Initiation. Please click here for a description of the ministry and contact information.

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Caritas in Veritate Guide

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) has released a new publication titled Caritas in Veritate: On Integral Human Development in Charity and Truth. A Guide for Discussion and Action. The guide is a very user-friendly resource for individual or parish group study of Pope Benedict XVI's latest social encyclical.

This guide, created by the Jesuit Forum for Social Faith and Justice at the request of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario, is designed to facilitate small group study and discussion of Pope Benedict XVI's encyclical letter Caritas in Veritate. The guide can be used by parishes, secondary schools, colleges and universities, union, NGOs, professional and business associations, as well as by any group or individual interested in learning about the Church's Social Teaching. The seven session format seeks to present in user-friendly language a biblical and practical appreciation of the Encyclical's central theme and questions.

The guide is available for purchase ($5.00 per copy) on the CCCB website at or by telephone at 1-800-769-1147. For further information on the guide or on upcoming Caritas in Veritate Study Guide workshops in the diocese, please contact Jana Drapal at the Social Justice Office at 403-218-5519 or e-mail at

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