Catholic Health Care

February 11, 2018
World Day of the Sick

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Catholic health care has been an integral part of the Church’s pioneering and evangelizing ministry in southern Alberta that precedes the founding of the province.  Inspired by the charisms of religious congregations, many of these Catholic health ministries continue to enrich the lives of Albertans today bringing important spiritual and ethical dimensions to our health care system.
Our Catholic ministries are a vital part of the Church’s response to the needs of our aging population, providing healthy environments and services to help seniors flourish as active and vibrant contributors to our community, as well as care for those who face the difficult challenges that come with declining health.  I am extremely grateful for the work of our parish pastoral care volunteers and the Catholic organizations such as Father Lacombe Nursing Home and the Covenant family of providers – Covenant Health, Covenant Care and Covenant Living.
As providers of hospital care, seniors’ care, outreach services and palliative care, our Catholic health providers continue the healing ministry of Jesus upholding the sacredness of life and honoring the vital link between spirituality and healing as women and men follow their calling to serve each other with compassion and respect.
In recent years, Covenant Care and Covenant Living’s service to our Diocese has grown. Since 2013, Covenant Care has expanded its supportive living and hospice care to three sites in Calgary—Holy Cross and St. Marguerite Manors located in the Evanston neighborhood, and St. Teresa Place in the Redstone neighborhood. In the past year, Covenant Living has also established a retirement living community in Calgary at Evanston Summit with suites and apartments for seniors. These are welcome additions to our Catholic community.

Pope Francis in his message for the 26th World Day of the Sick writes, “… the work of Catholic religious congregations and dioceses and their hospitals is aimed not only at providing quality medical care, but also at putting the human person at the centre of the healing process…”

I encourage you to visit and learn more about these caring communities that live out our Catholic faith and tradition with fidelity and compassion.  Let us keep healthcare leaders, caregivers, and the people they serve in our prayers.

Yours in Christ,

† Most Reverend William T. McGrattan, D.D.
Bishop of the Diocese of Calgary

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Option regarding the Canada Summer Jobs attestation

Here is a possible option that Catholic parishes, ministries, schools or organizations may wish to consider if applying for the Canada Summer Jobs program:

  1. Print out the application form
  2. Strike out the following clause which is currently the third bullet point in the Attestation: “Both the job and my organization’s core mandate respect individual human rights in Canada, including the values underlying the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as other rights. These include reproductive rights and the right to be free from discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, race, national or ethnic origin, colour, mental or physical disability or sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression”
  3. Insert the following clause (which would become the fourth and final bullet point in the Attestation: “I attest my organization will abide by the law in our hiring practices and all our other activities.”
  4. With the new bullet point having been added, check the box “I attest”.
  5. Mail or fax the completed application form by the deadline 2 February 2018.

This should highlight well how faith groups and media are questioning the government’s approach, especially in view of the Charter’s protections for the fundamental freedoms of religion, conscience, thought, belief, opinion and expression which are at stake. 

Here is a sample copy of the page from an application form that has been filled out as proposed above.  

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