2017 Women Religious Jubilarians

Please join us congratulating our women religious jubilarians of 2017 for their years of devoted service. They have been a joyful witness to all!

Sr. Helen Hengel, SCSL (75th Anniversary)
Sr. Mary Spence, SCSL (75th Anniversary)
Sr. Clemence Liboiron, SCSL (70th Anniversary)
Sr. Marjorie Perkins, FCJ (65th Anniversary)
Sr. Theresa Parker, SSM (60th Anniversary)
and Sr. Patricia Derbyshire, SCSL (50th Anniversary)

The women religious of the Diocese of Calgary are looking forward to participating at One Rock 2017. Please stop by and say hello!

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A Day of Mercy and Vocations Discernment

Vocations to the religious life might seem to have been dwindling in recent decades, but we appear to be in a new springtime of interest now. Several young women attended a recent Lenten vocations retreat at St. Joseph’s parish in Calgary, adding to the growing evidence that young people are still drawn to an experience of living the life of Christ in today’s world. Woven throughout the day was the theme of Thirsting for Mercy, and the 10 discerners had a chance to interact with several Sisters from various religious communities within the Diocese.

The day kicked off with Mass, followed by a Scriptural reflection on Isaiah 55. Next was a presentation by Fr. Luan Pho, a Dominican priest, who graciously shared his faith journey: From the poverty of a post-Vietnam War life to that of a ridiculed immigrant in the United States, to finding merciful love and acceptance in a youth group at his local parish. This loving acceptance eventually led him to consider the priesthood, enflaming in him the desire to share God’s love and mercy with others in the way he had experienced them.

Once the discerners had a chance to meet and talk in small groups, the morning continued with a musical interlude. Songs and hymns that focused on the theme of God’s infinite mercy were played and sung, such as There is a Wideness in God’s Mercy, and a beautiful recording of Cece Winans’ Mercy Said “No.”

For the second half of the day’s proceedings, the retreatants listened to and shared their thoughts on the story of the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well, and how Jesus’ merciful approach transformed her life.

After viewing What is a Vocation? by Fr. Mike Schmitz, the participants assembled in groups of two or three to engage in eight-minute sessions with each of the religious communities in attendance. They had an opportunity to learn about the charisms of the communities along with personal stories of the Sisters.  Present for the retreat were Sisters of Providence, Dominicans, Seeds of the Word, Faithful Companions of Jesus, Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth, Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, and the Society in the Image of the Triune God.

The day concluded with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, along with an opportunity for receiving the sacrament of reconciliation. Feedback from the participants was both positive and encouraging, giving the Vocations Planning Committee responsible for the event valuable information for future vocations events.

Young women considering a vocation to religious life are encouraged to contact Sr. Lucille Field, S.I.T.G., at (403) 461-1094 or email and visit the ­Facebook page at

Additional events will also be announced on the Calgary Vocations Retreat Facebook page, found at

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Ave Maria Discernment House

Vocation means a “call”. Everybody is called by God to know, love and serve him. The difference is how each one does it. You want to put God first in your life and find out what His plan is for you but you don’t know where to begin.

Discernment is necessary.

The Ave Maria House of Discernment is dedicated by the Diocese of Calgary to help women discern their vocational call. Ave Maria House offers time in prayer, silence, learning, listening, sharing, and community. These elements are essential to hear God’s voice and respond.

At the Ave Maria House time is planned so God may have a chance to answer your questions: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? How is God calling me to use my gifts and talents to serve Him and others?

Look at Christ’s love and see what stirs in your heart. When you stop and think about his sacrifice, are there times you want to follow him, to be totally his and give yourself to him without reserve and to put everything you have into bringing him to others?

The true key to discerning is listening to Christ and telling him that you trust him totally and simply want to do whatever he asks of you.

Setting up a simple spiritual plan based on self-knowledge to remove any obstacles to God’s grace will help in the discernment process. The Ave Maria House of Discernment is designed to help you to hear and respond to Christ’s call.

Come and join us:

  • Mass every Tuesday at Ave Maria House at 6:30pm
    Scriptural presentation or Adoration will follow Mass.
  • Open House every Friday from 5:30-8:30pm
    Join us and share in conversations, prayers, community, presentations, recreational activities, food and refreshments.

For more information & events, please download our brochure here.

For inquiries or more information, please contact:

Sr. Lucille Field, SITG, Director,
Ave Maria House of Discernment
3011 29th St. SW, Calgary, AB T3E 2K9
Phone: 403-461-1094

Vist us on Facebook

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What is Special this Year?

Pope Francis asks that from the First Sunday of Advent (November 30, 2014) until next year's Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple (February 2, 2016) we celebrate a Year of Consecrated Life.

Some may be wondering what is meant by the "Consecrated Life." Are we not all consecrated because of our baptism? For sure, we are! The term "Consecrated Life" however, refers to the religious life in which people dedicate themselves to God and serving God's people by living the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience. Some consecrated persons live out these vows as singles, but the majority live in community.

In the Diocese of Calgary there are many religious communities. All are strengthened by a life of prayer and sharing in community. The particular gifts that God gave to their founder(s) or foundress(es) comprise the "charism" of each order. It is that charism that attracts others to ask about becoming a member of the given community.

If you or your friends would like to learn more about the religious life of women in our diocese, please contact Sr. Margarete St. John, SP ( or me, Sr. Theresa Smith, FCJ ( We can help you become acquainted with the various orders in our diocese and give you contact numbers. The religious communities of women in this diocese are:

  • Sisters of St. Joseph
  • Sisters of St. Martha
  • Assumption Sisters of Nairobi
  • Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
  • Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth
  • Dominican Sisters
  • Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict
  • Ursuline Sisters of the Chatham Union<
  • Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood
  • Sisters Announcers of the Lord
  • Sisters of Charity of St. Louis
  • Society in the Image of the Triune God
  • Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate
  • Sisters of Social Service
  • Sisters of Our Merciful Jesus
  • Sisters of Charity of Providence and
  • Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus

Several parishes are under the direction of male religious including the:

  • Salvatorians
  • Pallottines
  • Dominicans
  • Sons of the Immaculate Conception
  • Carmelites
  • Society of Christ (for Polish Immigrants)

In addition, the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter and the Pallottine Fathers and Brothers have parishes in the Diocese of Calgary. The Franciscans are at Mount St. Francis. An Oblate of Mary Immaculate is at St. Mary's University in Calgary, and a Jesuit resides at St. Mary's Cathedral. A new community, Seeds of the Word which is serving at Our Lady of Fatima Parish, is a community open to men and women.

A committee named by Bishop Henry is working to arrange four events during this year. Vibrant speakers will be sharing their witness on the consecrated life. Please watch your parish bulletins and The Carillon for details.

"No one contributes to the future in insolation, by his or her efforts alone, but by seeing himself or herself as part of a true communion which is constantly open to dialogue, attentive listening and mutual assistance. Such a communion inoculates us from the disease of self-absorption" [Pope Francis' Message for the Year of Consecrated Life].

"I will spend my heaven doing good on earth… I will help priests, missionaries, the whole Church…" St. Thérèse of Lisieux

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Ways to Give

There are many ways to support the work you believe in. The Diocese gratefully accepts gifts from individuals, corporations, service clubs and other organizationss.

"Your smallest acts of love and kindness may quite well be the ones which change the world."
~Pope John Paul II

Making a Donation Via Cash, Cheque, or Online

Drop by the office, mail in a cheque or donate online to have the most immediate impact on the programs and services of the Diocese. Cheques should be payable to whichever program you are supporting or "Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary" with the program in the memo line. Please note that receipts are issued to the name(s) on the cheques or credit cards.

Supporting us with a gift of Securities

Gifting of stocks, bonds or mutual funds to the Diocese is another meaningful way to support our programs. Simply complete this form (or click below) and send it on to your broker. They will then forward it on to the Diocese’s broker to complete the transaction. A tax receipt is issued for the value of the stocks at closing on the day received. The Diocese is also able to process these types of transactions on behalf of your parish.

Providing support on a Monthly Basis

Through our monthly giving program, you can pledge your support on a monthly basis while balancing your pocketbook. Think you can't afford a large gift? Spread it out over the year to make it more manageable! We are able to charge your credit card monthly and receipts are issued annually. This type of support allows us to budget more effectively and provides security for our programs. Donate monthly here.

Letting your loved ones know you care through a Celebration Gift

Celebrating a special day or a special person? Make a donation to the Diocese in memory of a loved one or in honour of a loved one's special day. Let us know who to send a note to so we can celebrate your generosity.

Look to the Future with a Planned Gift

Planned gifts include bequests, gifts of insurance and other types of property. Please click here or contact us for more information regarding this innovative way to give now and in the future.

Take advantage of your organization's Matching Gifts Program

Many employers will match your gift. Speak to yours today to find out what their policy is!

The Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Calgary is registered as a legal charity under its 1913 legislative act of incorporation and also federally with the Canada Revenue Agency. Charitable BN: 10790-9939-RR0076.

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