Office of the Vicar General

"In each diocese the diocesan bishop must appoint a vicar general who is provided with ordinary power according to the norm of the following canons and who is to assist him in the governance of the whole diocese. As a general rule, one vicar general is to be appointed unless the size of the diocese, the number of inhabitants, or other pastoral reasons suggest otherwise." (Code of Canon Law #475)

As vicar of the bishop, the Vicar General exercises the bishop's ordinary executive power over the entire diocese and is the highest official in a diocese after the diocesan bishop or his equivalent in canon law.

Specific responsibilities for Fr. John as the appointed Vicar General & Moderator of the Curia Office in our diocese include serving as Chairperson for: Council of Priests, Diocesan Planning Commission, Priests Residence (Dorchester Square); Member of: Priests' Personnel Committee, Diocesan Finance Council, Diocesan Consultor; Diocesan Vocation Director in Financial Matters regarding Seminarians, contact person for Priests Units at Providence Care Centre.

Contact Vicar General

Father John Schuster

Moderator of the Curia and Vicar General

Office: 403-218-5529


Member of the Vicar General, Diocesan Curia Office.

Jean Baltas

Administrative Assistant

Office: 403-218-5527


Member of the Vicar General, Diocesan Curia Office.

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