Catholic Diocese of Calgary

Social Justice

As we try to live out the Christian meaning of salvation in our everyday lives, we commit ourselves to seek justice, in other words, to establish and live in right relationships. It is the call of Jesus himself to live in right relationships that drives us towards the dual purposes of Charity and Justice. Justice speaks of changing structures and systems of addiction, sin, and materialism that drive humanity away from a full relationship with each other and with God. Charity involves direct support of the marginalized or “poor” in the world, through spiritual and economic means.

Contact Social Justice

Marilou LeGeyt


Office: 403-218-5519


Member of the Social Justice Office.

Theodoric Nowak

Director of Social Justice & Outreach Ministries

Office: 403-218-5516


Member of the Health Care, Ecumenical & Interreligious Affairs Office, Social Justice Office.

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